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Digital Technologies.

Fidelity Video Services, Inc. uses the latest digital technologies. We utilize digital technology in every step, from videotaping the deposition to presenting your case in the courtroom. (If your needs and budget don't warrant the latest technology with all its bells and whistles, don't worry. We still offer VHS to meet your needs.)

Learn more about the exciting world of synchronization technology through Visionary Legal Technologies. Fidelity Video uses Visionary software to:

  • Sync videos to transcripts
  • Scan exhibits, photos and other facts for use in the courtroom

We provide service and support for every step, including:

  • Recording the deposition digitally
  • Syncing the transcript and scanning your exhibits
  • Answering your questions regarding editing and organizing your courtroom presentation
  • Presenting your case in the courtroom with full knowledge and all the necessary equipment