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Services We Offer.

Fidelity Video is in the court video production business. Fidelity Video provides a variety of litigation support services. We assist the legal profession to effectively present visual evidence. Jury experts are stressing a more visual and sound-bite-based approach to sway jurors.

Video Depositions

  1. Video DepositionPreserve the testimony of a witness for presentation at trial. Make sure your jury understands exactly what the witness said and HOW they meant it. Don't allow a monotone reading of the transcript to lose your jury's attention.
  2. Videotape your discovery depositions to show more effectively when someone perjures themselves.
  3. Receive a copy of the deposition on any format, including DVD, mpg files, video-to-transcript synced DVD, or even VHS if needed.

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Video & Transcript Synchronization

VisionaryDigitally link video testimony to the transcript for computer playback. With this technology, you have complete management of the video. You can access any portion of the deposition for use in case preparation and trial presentation. All you need is a laptop computer and a projector to reach your jury.

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Trial Presentation

Let us present your depositions in the courtroom so that you can concentrate on winning your case. We have all the necessary equipment and expertise to present your entire case properly and effectively.

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Day in the Life Documentary

Show how your client's injury has changed his or her daily routines. When used as an illustration of facts, a Day-in-the-Life documentary is the most effective and efficient way to demonstrate the severity of major or moderate injury.

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Settlement Video

Show the strength of your plaintiff's case to insurance adjustors and attorneys with a settlement video as part of your settlement brochure. A well-produced video has a strong impact in communicating both liability and damages.

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Accident Scene Documentation / Demonstrative Evidence

Give your jury a visual aid to clearly understand what happened. We can record most any type of action, event, visual display, or exhibit to better demonstrate a sequence of activity and provide a clear understanding of the situation.

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Video/Audio Editing & Duplication


  • Duplicate micro cassette to regular cassette
  • Audio enhancing


  • Edit out objections, unwanted footage, etc.

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